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    Solid Links is the professional identity of Erik Romijn, independent App Maker from Amsterdam. I mostly make web apps and apps for mobile devices. Currently, I spend most of my time as co-founder and CTO of DashCare.

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I'm co-founder and CTO at DashCare, where we develop IT-solutions for the intersection of government and healthcare.

In July 2014 I co-founded DashCare. We currently mostly develop software for local Dutch governments, helping them manage their many new responsibilities in healthcare. We use modern technologies to quickly deliver flexible software, in complex situations.

web (django)

Openbaar Vervoer

Openbaar Vervoer is one of the most popular independent apps for realtime status of Dutch public transport.

Where's my tram? From which platform does that bus depart? Are other lines still running properly? When will this bus arrive at that stop? Did I just miss my bus because it left too early, or is it late and should I wait? Answer these questions, and many more, with Openbaar Vervoer: the app for up to date status of Dutch public transport. With Openbaar Vervoer, real time data for over 3.000 Dutch public transport lines is just a tap away.

Voted best Dutch public transport app for iPhone by a panel of Rover, the Dutch public transport user's association and 2nd best travel app 2013 by iPhoneclub.

independent project iPhone open data

Secure Django

Security reviews for Django projects.

As Secure Django, I perform security reviews for Django projects. I bring my specific Django expertise into the review, and produce results that are understandable and actionable for any developer, with clear advance pricing.

independent project web (django)

Mijn Stroom (my power)

Mijn Stroom gives participants in a shared solar project insight in their investment and their own energy use.

I built Mijn Stroom for Zonnepanelendelen, which builds large crowdfunded solar energy projects. Participants invest in one or more panels, and are paid every year for the energy from "their" panels. Mijn Stroom is a portal that gives all participants an insight into how their panels are performing, what the environmental impact of this is, and how this relates to their own energy usage at home.

client project web (django)

Bike Like a Local

Bike like a Local is the iPhone app for biking tourists in Amsterdam.

For tourists coming to Amsterdam, the best way to discover the city is by bike. But, Amsterdam is also a very busy city, with 800.000 bicycles and many cars, trams and other vehicles. Bike Like a Local is the iPhone app for biking tourists in Amsterdam! It helps you bike around Amsterdam safely, tells you where and how to park your bike, and helps you to remember where you parked your bike.

Won the 2nd prize in mobility in the Apps for Amsterdam 2 open data app contest.

independent project iPhone open data


ACE and BRACE were looking for a new usable and maintainable website, integrating with their existing systems.

ACE and BRACE had existing websites, but they no longer met the requirements in both design and maintainability. I designed and developed the backend for their new websites, and also trained their internal developer in the development of maintainable web apps using Python and Django. This was developed as a multi-tenant setup, where a single backend powers both websites along with a shared intranet, allowing efficient reuse of code and content. The CMS was designed to be usable by any employee. I also connected this to their existing ERP system for user authentication and other internal information.

client project web (django)

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